About Noubased

Plain, minimalistic nursing items that are easy to combine with my existing wardrobe. That’s what I was looking for towards the end of my pregnancy. After having my baby, I found that what I wanted, (breastfeed my baby and still wear clothes in my style), wasn’t easy to find. Every day I struggled with the choice of dressing either comfortably but mumsy looking, or something I enjoy wearing but totally unpractical for feeding my newborn.

So, I started wondering what I could do when going into town wanting to look good but also being able to breastfeed my little boy easily. The obvious option was getting a standard nursing top and lift it up to breastfeed and, in the process, showing my tummy but I was too scared to do so. For hours I looked for nursing tops that suited my needs, but all I found was a big gap between normal fashionable clothes and nursing clothes. Just about everything I found online just wasn’t quite right. I didn’t understand why there wasn’t any beautiful basic nursing tops to be found.

So, I thought: if I miss this, so must thousands of other women. After doing a lot of research I decided if the market doesn’t offer this, I should! It’s not worth having to worry so much about what to wear just after becoming a mum. So, I thought, got inspired, drew, mailed and designed.

And that’s how we got here!

My goal for now is… making as many women as possible feel comfortable and confident while breastfeeding (in public). My goal is to offer YOU the comfort to feel always and everywhere at ease during your special moments with your baby. To offer you an item that you can easily combine with other clothes of your existing wardrobe. To take away the discomfort you might feel having to show your tummy and boobs while breastfeeding. And to motivate you to go wherever you want whenever you want and be able to breastfeed in public. And the promise you can always let your child latch on in a discreet way that is comfortable for you and baby.