We can no longer deny it, together we need to make sure we look after this beautiful planet Earth. Not only for us but especially for our children. That is why we stand for durability and strive to offer to make our product as durable as possible. We would like to tell you how.

Handmade in Holland

Noubased is about slow fashion, this means less, less, less. Less chains in the production process, less items in stock and producing the items less far away. Every Noubased item is handmade in Holland. The reason behind this is that we, under no circumstances, are willing to contribute to the inhumane (working) conditions that can be found in some countries. We pay our seamstresses a fair wage. Another bonus of this is that our collection doesn’t have to travel halfway around the world to get to you.

All our items are unique. You can wear our clothes during pregnancy, while breastfeeding and even after this special time has passed. You don’t need much, just make sure that the clothes you own are of a great quality.

“No plastic please.”

Plastic is a no go these days. We MUST protect our beautiful Earth. So, at Noubased we like to use plastic as little as possible. Not only think of plastic in packaging but also in the product itself. We prefer to use beautiful and honest materials. That is why our shirts and dresses are made of thick, good quality fabric. Our cotton variety is made of 96% cotton and 4% elastin. Our velvet items are made of 80% cotton and 20% elastin. Both options are OEKO-TEX quality mark approved. Fabric approved by OEKO-TEX are free from harming dyes and heavy metal often found in other clothing. This is important as your clothes don’t only touch your skin but also your baby’s delicate skin. Sometimes your little one might feel like a little heater, so breathable clothing is a must. Even the label in your neck is made of 100% cotton, so you don’t have to take it out before wearing it!

Recyclable packaging

Let’s be honest: as soon as we get a package, we open it and throw the packing materials in the bin. Some you might hold on to a little bit longer as a lot of effort went into making it and it’s pretty. But eventually it all ends up in the bin anyway. That’s why our packaging is durable and simple. We will obviously make sure your order gets to you well wrapped but without to many frills. Our packaging isn’t unnecessarily big, and we don’t use extra fillers. We only use paper that is FSC approved. Even at our places of production we use only recycled plastic. When our items arrive, they are not individually wrapped. All this to ensure that we have as little rubbish as possible and minimize our carbon footprint.