The belly wrap: a tribute to new life!

Celebrate your pregnancy and accentuate your beautiful pregnant belly with our belly wraps. Stylish, unique belly bands made of stretchy cotton that give any look a creative twist, whether you’re 20 or 37 weeks pregnant.

Wearing belly wraps not only looks stunning but also feels wonderfully comfortable because they provide light support for your pregnant belly. Additionally, our belly wraps allow you to effortlessly upgrade your outfit and subtly and stylishly emphasize your beautiful pregnant body. Plus, a complete maternity wardrobe is no longer necessary: you can continue to wear your favorite shirt that has become a little too short or that blouse with buttons that is now too loose by simply pairing them with a belly wrap in your favorite color.

The belly wraps are available in velour and cotton, with three different colors for each fabric. There is no difference in warmth between the fabrics. They can be endlessly combined and look stunning with summer dresses, t-shirts, and tops, as well as sweaters and kimonos.

Check out how to tie your belly wrap here: how to wrap.

• Velour composition: 80% cotton, 20% polyester
• Cotton composition: 96% cotton, 4% elastane
• Dimensions: 46cm x 1.47cm (the wraps easily stretch up to 1.67cm)
• (Minimal) wash at 30 degrees with similar colors. Do not tumble dry
• One size